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By Manu Venditti Advanced. This holiday, whose famous symbol is the pumpkin carved sinisterly with a smiling face and illuminated from the inside by a candle, and the displays associated with it, recall death and the occult.

Over the last two decades, this celebration has begun to find great success all over the world, even in Italy, where, however, it has met resistance from the most conservative Italians who have regarded it as a recurrence completely foreign to tradition and in clear contrast to the celebration of the Feast of All Saints. Even though practically all the great religions in existence are present and protected in Italy today, and the percentage of those who profess to be atheists rises day by day, it is undeniable that the religious denomination most rooted in the Bel Paese is the Christian-Catholic one.

Surely the presence of the Vatican State in Rome, the spiritual and administrative seat of the Catholic Church, and two thousand years of Christianity cause the Republic of Italy, a secular state, to provide for many, many festivities of Catholic origin, and there are many people who celebrate them with full conviction. I detrattori di Halloween sostengono che la festa sia stata proprio creata con l'intento di sradicare quel che all'epoca sopravviveva ancora dello spirito pagano preesistente alla diffusione del Cristianesimo e che pertanto sia quasi un'offesa adottare la festa anglosassone.

The detractors of Halloween maintain that the holiday was created with the intention of eradicating what was left, at the time, of the preexisting pagan spirit during the spreading of Christianity and that, therefore, it is almost an offense to adopt the Anglo-Saxon holiday. The truth is that, in spite of the objections, Halloween has now become a custom in Italy, too, where especially the children and teenagers like it very much. Tra Warhol, Vedova e Christo. Luke Willis Thompson. Jenny Holzer.

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